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No Spamming/Flooding

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No Spamming/Flooding Empty No Spamming/Flooding

Post by Joe Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:53 am

Rapid and repeated or non-stop posting of a single topic or word is considered spam/flooding whether in one chat box or across all chat boxes on the same webpage. Such an act is grounds for banning, so don't do it.

Broken sentences are prohibited as well. Try to contain your words to a few posts at most. Posting a sentence 1 word per post is not allowed. Heavy use of broken sentences counts as spam. Violation of this rule will lead to warnings and eventual bans if continued.

Using a font color in Chatango that blends in with your background to make it unreadable without highlighting is also viewed as spam. Please try to maintain a font color that agrees with the Chatango on both the dark and ESO-backdropped webpages as well as the fullscreen chat box. You will be informed if your text is hard or impossible to read as per this rule or someone's own eyesight quality and ignoring such information can lead to a warning and an eventual ban if left ignored.
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