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Another day, another news feed...

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Another day, another news feed... Empty Another day, another news feed...

Post by Joe Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:04 pm

Did a few tweaks to the site and forums and of course have today's ESO Live posted here in this thread as well! Feel free to watch it anytime you are able and wish. As for the tweaks...

Modified the color of links on the forums that are displayed in green to make them darker and thus a bit more legible in some cases without making the other illegible.
The News page now shows the newest news at the top and the oldest down below! Honestly I should have done this from the beginning lol
An update to the links on the Guides page so they have proper links to the guide pages.

Well that's about it! As I post this I am still working on the site so that's a thing too but here is the ESO Live video for you now and again you can check them out here on their Twitch page! CheersĀ  Cheers

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